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When called upon, a Spartan will engage in battle with honor, integrity, endurance, ferocity, intellect and skill.  He will embrace obstacles as mere stepping stones in pursuit of victory, forsaking personal desires in favor of the greater mission.  A true Spartan will never, never give up.
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About Us

Our Mission

The Atlanta Sports Academy is a rigorous post-graduate academic-athletic program for students who wish to continue their desire to earn a four-year scholarship at an accredited four year college.

The mission of The Atlanta Sports Academy's Post-Graduate sports program is to provide  young men and women the opportunity to continue their education and to obtain a college degree, while participating in collegiate sports.

The program pushes students in practice, tests their character and leadership, and gets them committed to their education.   The Atlanta Sports Academy staff is dedicated to work towards realizing your child's dreams by teaching them self-discipline, hard work, and commitment to their goals.

The Atlanta Sports Academy's programs are not the simple route, but many families choose this path to success in order to get stronger college qualifications and the opportunity to push their athletic skills to the limit.

Sports (Men's) 

We currently offer three men's sports programs:  football, basketball, lacrosse and baseball.  


We offer customized academic programs based upon the needs of the student-athlete.  Each student is REQUIRED to participate in academics while participating in our sports programs.  We offer on-campus in-classroom and web-based learning environments by fully accredited partner academic institutions.   Our academic advisors and compliance officers work to ensure NCAA compliance and eligibility and will assist guide you to ensure  your requirements are met.

Student Life

Students are required to participate in campus activities, work/study programs, or volunteer/community activities as well as attend select life skills classes which are required curriculum for ALL student-athletes.

Code of Conduct

All student athletes agree to abide by a strict Code of Conduct.   The full review is part of the orientation but each prospective student-athlete should be well-versed in the content and expectations ASA will have for each athlete.  Click here to review the Spartan Code of Conduct.

To learn more about The Atlanta Sports Academy, contact us at