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When called upon, a Spartan will engage in battle with honor, integrity, endurance, ferocity, intellect and skill.  He will embrace obstacles as mere stepping stones in pursuit of victory, forsaking personal desires in favor of the greater mission.  A true Spartan will never, never give up.
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The Atlanta Sports Academy Announces New On-Campus Academic Partner for 2014
College Academic Partner:


These classes are held on our campus in the academic building (Hours TBD)

ASA’s Academic Department Mission:


The mission of the Atlanta Sports Academy’s  academic department is to insure that every student-athlete attending Atlanta Sports Academy receives a quality education that will allow him or her opportunities to pursue future educational goals at higher institutions of learning that best suits their needs.  

ASA’s Academic Department Focus:

  • Admissions Advisement

  • Registration and Enrollment

  • Screening and Placement

  • Academic Advisement

  • Academic Tracking and Monitoring

  • Compliance

  • Standardized Testing

  • Academic Records

  • Tutorial and Study Hall

Academic Success Formula

  • The Student will learn to study and master test taking skills before he or she touches a court, field, or track.
  • ASA provides each student with a Personal Education Plan (PEP) that details a strategic plan for their path to success in the classroom.
  • ASA will have available Certified Teachers to tutor in any subject area.
  • ASArequires mandatory study hall attendance and daily education conferences with advisors.
  • ASA hosts a series of speakers and self improvement classes that will help the student athletes become better rounded people. The classes include: social etiquette, public speaking, money management, anger management, and cultural diversity.


  Commitment to Academics

ASA’s academic and student support department will work hands-on with our student athletes to provide comprehensive guidance from pre through post-admissions.  

Our academic department will maintain constant contact with the institutions that our student-athletes attend, and will monitor attendance and standing.

 ASA’s academic department will remain focused on the academic achievement of its student-athletes, requiring weekly meetings with their assigned academic advisor.  

 Student-athletes will also receive mid and end of semester academic reviews with the academic department to determine their compliance with the ASA’s educational requirements and policies.  

 Tutorial services will be made available to student-athletes by ASA’s academic and student support department in conjunction with the student services department.  

 All ASA student-athletes will be required to attend a mandatory study-hall four days a week, unless otherwise advised by the academic department.

 ASA requires that its student-athletes come with the determination to excel academically.  


  • Weekly meetings with academic advisor
  • Mid and end of semester academic reviews
  • Attendance at study hall
  • Compliance with tutorial services (if applicable)


  • Texas Instrument scientific calculators TI 82 and up series
  • USB Thumb Drives
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Notebooks 3-5 subject base on class load.
  • Note cards
  • Laptops ( optional)



  CLICK HERE  for more information regarding academic qualification requirements or email